how to make money by answering question Q & A

Answering questions and money making online jobs Q & A

You can answer to some question and make money, if you have some general knowledge about any category you can make some money from your home in your free time and earn money, this is a part time jobs for someone who wants to make money from home.

Do you think that why you will get the money for answering questions..?


Yes, there are some sites you can register for free and you can answer the questions if you know the solution for the question, many workers are employers have some doughts while working so they will ask the solution for the problem, if you know the answer you can make money.

The list of some websites where you can register for free and make money by answering the questions are given below and there details of working and about the sites..






About just answer

JustAnswer started in 2003 when Andy Kurtzig and his wife Sara were expecting their first child. Like most new parents, they had a million questions for their doctor – day and night. But the doctor only had time to talk to them at their scheduled appointments. So Andy created a website to provide 24/7 answers from doctors and other Experts.

Since then, the 10,000 Experts on JustAnswer have helped over eight million people in 196 countries. JustAnswer has made great strides to level the playing field and provide peace of mind to people who need it.

The JustAnswer Site is a venue for informational and educational purposes to allow Customers to ask questions and Experts to answer them. Users of the Site, not JustAnswer, provide the content in Posts (defined below). The Experts determine which questions to answer; Experts are not employees or agents of JustAnswer but are independent service providers using the Site to sell their Expert knowledge to Customers and, as such, together with Customers, simply Users of the Site.

JustAnswer is not involved in the conversations between Customers and Experts and does not refer Customers to or endorse or recommend particular Experts. You understand and acknowledge that JustAnswer cannot and does not edit, modify, filter, screen, monitor, endorse or guarantee the content of Posts. JustAnswer shall not be liable for any acts or omissions of Experts, content in Posts, or the ability of Experts to answer questions. We cannot ensure that an Expert will complete a transaction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, JustAnswer reserves the right, but is not obligated, to refuse to post or to remove any content and/or remove any User’s access to the Site.



Some of the other sites related sites are .





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