how to make money by reselling or flipping the domains

Domain reselling

Domain reselling is also called as domain flopping , if you are blogger you can make money by reselling the domain by increasing the traffic of the domain visits. Just buy domain and create some website of any category and you can promote the websites anywhere and you can make the visitors in 10x and you will get the selling price also in 10x.


If you are planning to buy a domain and resell the estimation of the price you can get for 1000 visitors per day is more than 2000$ to 3000$ in one shot.

If you want to get more visitors just you can post the domains in all social media, post comments and you can get some traffic in free of cost and you can make more money.

The best sites where you can make money by selling domains are listed below.







Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace, where you can discover new business opportunities. We are the world’s number 1 destination for buying and selling web businesses, domain names and mobile apps.

The success of Flippa is supported by the passionate people that make up the team here; from software development to customer support and assisted sales, our job is to ensure that our users find the best entrepreneurial opportunities available. Flippa is part of the large and nurturing SitePoint family of web start-ups that include 99designs, as well as

Buyers love Flippa because there are more businesses for sale than anywhere else; 5,000 new businesses and domains are listed for sale on Flippa every single day. As the first and leading marketplace for entrepreneurs, we’ve built a buying experience that is second to none, simple to use and secure.

Sellers use Flippa because we sell more businesses than anywhere else, 30,000 in the last year alone – driven by the huge number of and purchasing power of the Flippa buyer audience, 800,000 registered members. Every month on Flippa over $5m worth of businesses are sold.





The first address for your online success

Good ideas and great products need the right name – and an internet address. One that is as easy to remember as possible. But what can you do if your desired domain is already taken?

In the pioneering years of the World Wide Web registering suitable names as internet domains was very accessible, but fast forward to today and most web addresses especially the impactful ones are already taken.

We bring hundreds of buyers and sellers together every day – and with a market share of 60%, we are the leading provider in what is referred to as the “secondary market” for already registered or “used” domains.

With over 18 million listed domains and 2 million customers, Sedo is the world’s largest platform for the professional trading of web addresses.



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