Many of websites want to bring their websites in top of the search page and rank of the websites so they offers money in return of searching their websites.

some of the sites pays 1$ to 3$ per hour for searching their website..

most of the company pays their payment through paypal

here are some of the top and best sites that pay you real money for searching the web.



This is one of the great websites that pay you 5$ bonus for signup.

They pay you for searching the web, watching videos and shopping and more..swagbucks


zoombucks is one of the best site where you can make money..

ways to earn are watching the videos, searching the web, playing games and shopping..

signup bonus is 150 points.

you can cash out your payment for 650points which is equal to 5$


This is also one of best site to make money..

way of earning are searching the web, watching videos and more.

for each search you will earn 3 points..

you can get payment when your points has reach 6500points which is equal to 25$..

you can get your payment by paypal or gift vouchers.




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