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survey savvy

Survey savvy you can take online surveys they will pay cash and you can get paid by check.they will pay  a check when your account balance reaches 1$.

office address – 1365 4th Ave, San Diego, California  92101 United States
Tel: 800-465-5884

survey savvy




In survey savvy you can take survey and you can earn cash.

minimum payout is 1$ that means when you complete i$ work you can request payment.

payments are sent by check to your address registered to survey savvy account.

the payment will be paid in dollars if you are from any country.

if you disqualified in the survey also you will can participate in the lucky cash draw where 10$ amount is given for one member in 50 members and they will be the winner, this draw will be conducted for every 50 members separately.

survey savvy has another way of earning is called survey connect and you can participate for the surveys and you can also earn by searching the web.

survey connect also can be installed in your PC or mobile and you can participate in more surveys and additional ways of making money.

survey savvy is very old they are since 1999 and they have members over 200 countries..

they accepts the members all over world and no restrictions..

if you are 13 years plus you can join the site and make money.

the best tool to make money is referring others, it has a special two tier program where you can make money from your referral and their referral also..



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